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#Trending Music

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Up-And-Coming Trending Music

With our new mobile app, you'll be able to listen to the songs that are trendy in your area. You can find the newest hits so you are the first to listen to them


Bring MusiTap wherever you go, have a worry-free experience, we will bring you the most recent trends.

Listen and feel the latest revelations in the easiest way possible, in your home, in the car, at the beach, with your friends....wherever you want!

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Your Great MusiTap Experience

With a minimalist and intuitive design, you can control the different options in an easy and fast way. Store the ones that you like in your Favorites or quickly share them with your friends.

Features like music playback in high def, AirPlay compatibility, and others are already available!

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MusiTap Music


  • Unlimited listening
  • Ad-Free
  • Personal Playlist
  • Trending List Access
  • HD Music 320Kbps
  • No commitment
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#Trending Music


  • $ 6.99 /month
  • 7 Days Free Trial