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Welcome to our Terms and Conditions of Use Spanish

Last Updated: January 25, 2014

1. Introduction and Welcoming

Welcome and thank you for choosing Musitap, a musical application that allows you to reproduce and enjoy future and current hits with our social tendencies system through available mobile devices.

MusiTap is a registered trademark of Easybluecode S.L Centro Empresarial Tartesso CL Pollensa 4, Las Rozas de Madrid (Madrid), Spain registered in the Business Registry of Madrid (Spain), Tome 32001, Folio 92, Section 8, page 575810, Inscription 1, VAT ESB86953056.

The terms and conditions of use (the "Terms") of MusiTap ("MusiTap", "us", "our") is a binding legal agreement (the "Agreement") between you and MusiTap for personal use of streaming music service and its content (collectively, "MusiTap service" or "Service") through compatible mobile devices ("devices").


If you wish to read the privacy policy click here.

Minimum usage requirements:

¤ Available countries: You must be a resident of the country available to use MusiTap. Check the available countries:

· Spain

¤ Minimum Age: You must be over of 14 years old to use the service or have parental permission or from your legal guardian who agrees to the terms outlined above.

¤ Personal use: The license of use you acquire is personal, at no time you will have permission to use MusiTap for commercial purposes such as business (restaurants, shops, bars ...) neither can you market your content using third party media for it.

¤ Terms: Using the MusiTap Service, you approve and agree with all these legal conditions.


2. Modification of Terms and Conditions of Use

Randomly and occasionally, MusiTap may make modifications to the existing terms of the contract with previous notice if these are major or majority changes. Your use of the Service constitutes acceptance of these terms and you can continue using the service.


3. Use and Reproduction

In this section you will find the various ways and options that you can use and enjoy the MusiTap service on your compatible device;

Free Service:

The Free Service gives you the possibility to listen to our unlimited streaming service accompanied by advertising. By using the free service, you agree to the current terms of use of this document.

BePremium Subscription Service

The BePremium Subscription Service gives you the possibility of unlimited listening without advertising our service and offer additional features like quality streaming music service in high definition, unlimited storage of favorites songs, among other features.

3.1 Promotional / Trial Codes

If you have a Premium coupon code, you can redeem it within the application to access the Premium service for the duration of the coupon code or proof of service on the same grounds. The exchange of your promo code signifies acceptance of the terms of use set forth herein as well as the conformity of it being a promotional service or evidence, MusiTap reserves the right to cancel your code at any time whatever the reason thereof


4. Granted Licenses

By accepting the terms of use we grant you a license for personal use so you can use and enjoy the service. This license is not transferable and will be canceled once you cancel the service.

At no time are you an owner of any content or compatible applications you can find, you only get a license to use and enjoy the service of your choice by subscription or promo code.

All trade names, applications, trademarks, logos, registered content as well as domain names are wholly owned by MusiTap. By accepting the terms of use and use our service, you have no right to use trade names, trademarks, logos, registered content registered and domain names if you do not have an express authorization in writing and signed by MusiTap.


5. Files shared by third parties

Users are free to share the content of the Service in social networks, email or mobile messaging. Content includes images or text and trade marks or names. By using this service you approve and warrant that you have the ability to share content on third-party media and agree to the terms and conditions thereof and the law applicable at all times.

MusiTap is not responsible for any user generated content on a third party assuming this responsibility at all times.

If you believe that there is a recorded content that violates current regulations, report it to Support Center.


6. Compatible Devices

To use the service, you must have a compatible device with internet access. Here you can see what kind of devices are compatible with the MusiTap Service.

iPhone - iOS 6.0 minimum - Language:
iPod - minimum iOS 6.0 - Language:

The software version of the application can be updated periodically to add support for new features and services.


7. Use of your Device

By accepting these Terms of Use, you allow MusiTap to use the features of your compatible device such as; processor, internet connection and other hardware features to facilitate the proper functioning of the application so you can enjoy the service.


8. User Guidelines

Below you can find the basic rules for the use and enjoyment for the best performance and interaction;

¤ It is not allowed to use technologies to extract or rip (ripping) the content of MusiTap and use it on a third-party application or even to market this content.

¤ It is not allowed, to use media to publish services or links streaming from MusiTap in any media other than a compatible application for the MusiTap service, or market it.

¤ You may not use the contents of intellectual property, such as trademarks, trade names, registered logos or domain names without prior consent by MusiTap that you can find in the compatible applications.

¤ The usage we're granting you if for your personal use and at no time can you rent or sell the service we offer.

¤ It is not permitted the handling to circumvent any security system or to access the Premium service version without prior subscription by the user.

If you think you are violating or breaking any rules here in effect or have questions about them, or know users that are violating the usage guidelines of MusiTap Service, please report it to Support Center


9. Data Protection

Any personal information provided to MusiTap for the use of the Application shall be used only in accordance with the Spanish Constitutional Law 15/1999 of December 13, of Protection of Personal Data Available here.


10. Infractions and Communications

Contact us for reporting at our Support Center:


11. Availability of Service

The MusiTap will be operational at all times. If any technical problem arises, the service could be interrupted temporarily and for maintenance reasons. We cannot guarantee that the service of MusiTap will be continuously running on your device and cannot guarantee that interruptions or outages will not take place due to internal problems with your device caused by your broadband size, features or hardware issues, and mobile coverage among others.


12. Contract Renewal and Cancellation

If you contracted the Premium subscription service, this service will automatically be renewed at the end of the period unless you cancel the subscription. If you wish to unsubscribe you can access the Premium panel you'll find in the compatible application.

You'll be able to find the different payment methods that are at your disposal in the application itself, where the payment is made and you are given all the detailed instructions for contracting the service.

If you want to cancel your Premium membership, you'll be able to use the free service without any monthly subscription or consideration.

If there is any change in our pricing policy or length of service, you'll be informed in advance, these price changes will take effect from the next renewal of the service.


13. Service Guarantees

MusiTap will be liable to warranty service by applying existing laws and be liable for their total or partial failure. According to existing laws, MusiTap does not guarantee the availability of service, content, compatible applications and their quality either tacitly or explicitly based on the current applicable legislation.


14. Disclaimer

To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree that the sole and exclusive right you can exercise facing any problem, disagreement, dissatisfaction with MusiTap Service is to uninstall any MusiTap compatible application and stop using the MusiTap Service from that moment.

If any part of these Terms of Use of the current contract be nullified in whole or part, will not affect in any way to the performance of the remainder of the Terms of Use applicable under current legislation.


15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The present contract of terms and conditions of use are subject to the laws of Spain, specifically in Madrid courts unless a mandatory law of any jurisdiction requires otherwise. You and MusiTap agree to arrange a resolution of all legal disputes as well claims in the courts of Madrid arising from these terms and conditions.

Thanks for taking the time to read the terms and conditions of MusiTap service.

Copyright © 2014 Easybluecode S.L & MusiTap (B86953056)